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21 Top Reasons Why Shatta Wale Is The Greatest Dancehall Musician In Africa

Shatta Wale Is The Greatest Dancehall Musician In Africa

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21 Top Reasons Why Shatta Wale Is The Greatest Dancehall Musician In Africa

The beef between Dancehall Comrade Shatta Wale and Africa’s rap god Sarkodie seem to be getting interesting by the day.

As the two great African musicians battle for supremacy on who runs the Ghana music space. Sarkodie really made a statement with his viral diss song dub “My Advice” — tearing Shatta Wale into shreds.

A lot of music lovers are in anticipation of a proper lyrical response by Shatta Wale after his Reign Album launch today. Though it appears the two have smoked a peace pipe after Sarkodie showed support for Shatta Wale’s Reign Album on Twitter earlier today.

In the mix of Sarkodie’s massacre at the Shatta Movement Camp — A Shatta movement member has highlighted over 20 reasons why Shatta Wale is the best Ghanaian musician at the moment and Shatta Wale understandably shared on facebook.

Let’s go through it.

From a Loyal and intelligent fan..
In the history of Ghana music industry no person has ever done what you have done. started and taught them how to promote music on social media taught them how to make hit songs taught them how to relate with fans taught them how to protect their brand raised the bar of fee charge for a show
6.You are the only person who has made this music industry relevant are the most hated music and most love music ever in the history of Ghana made some of the old artist realized the can come back and make it again
9.I call you the HYPE man(if you want to get hit song beef shatta wale) showed them how to speak their minds on issues
11. You are the only artist who want unity gave love to the street made the street realized there is something to achieve the history of Ghana no person has ever tattoo any artist name on their bodies than you shatta wale
15.your movement (SM) gave birth to High grade family,Ebin Nation,sark natives,etc
16. You are the only artist you recorded 108 tune in 2017 and had 98 hits are the only artist to be given a key to the presidency the only one who have 3 mansions and fleet of cars are the only one who don’t fake
20.You are the first person to start this artist Convey thing and now all the artist are doing same.
21. You are the only artist who has a record fee of signing in the history of Ghana
Prophet Charles Nii Armah Mensah

#Copied Read and tell me is lies

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