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4 celebrities who are losing their careers for supporting NDC in the 2016 election campaign

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4 celebrities who are losing their careers for supporting NDC in the 2016 election campaign

In a country were politics is a highly sensitive topic — one will be insane to draw a political line and not expect consequences and clap backs. Ghana is termed a beacon of hope whenever democracy is mentioned in Africa. Our democratic record is unprecedented in Africa and I strongly hold the believe that most advanced democratic states in the world get jealous sometimes.
Ghana supports a multi party system, however declaring support for any of the two major political parties in the country — The New Patriotic Party and The National Democratic Congress, comes with tons of positives and negatives considering who you support and who wins an election.
If you end up on the wrong side,that is — if the party you declared support for loses an election, you have brace yourself for series of unfavorable events that goes a long way to affect every aspect of your life and it’s worse if you happen to be a public figure, brand or an institution. Joking with your political affiliations is similar to joking with your progress if you are a public figure, brand or an institution hence most corporate bodies and public figures either shun politics or keep a clean neutral stance.


However, a few brands and celebrities choose to take the political risk. In spite of all the negative hurdles they are likely to face choose to gamble with their reputations. We therefore look at the four popular faces who lost their careers alongside NDC in the 2016 polls.


John Dumelo.
One of Ghana’s finest actors and gentlemen soiled his reputation in the muddy waters of politics not only by declaring his admiration for the NDC policy but also supporting their campaign for power in 2016. He was called a thief in the popular V8 saga and other ”loot and share” affairs. John improvised knowing very well that losing the election would affect his acting career drastically in an already retarded Ghana Movie Industry — He’s gladly a farmer now. Investing in cassava plantation and other agricultural avenues. After the elections, John is yet to be featured in a movie.
Mzbel, the saucy singer’s musical career clearly went into opposition with the NDC. She was extremely loud, throwing jabs here and there at the current President calling him short and unfit to rule the affairs of the nation. She received lots of backlash from NPP loyalists. She’s yet to release a single hit song after the elections. I guess she’s busy taking care of her son now.
CLEMENT BONNEY – Mr Beautiful.
Clement’s story is quite a sad one. He’s a well known face in Kumasi Made Movies (Kumawood). Kumasi has been a strong hold of the ruling party NPP for quite a period. It’s widely believed that over 80 to 90 percent of people based in Kumasi are NPP faithfuls. Get the picture? If you are for NDC, we can’t work with you anymore on an NPP land. Tongue in cheek! Not long ago, Mr Beautiful was recorded complaining of lack of contracts and movie roles. What was he expecting?
The very controversial TV and Radio presenter wasn’t left out. She professed love for the former President John Dramani Mahama and rallied behind the NDC in the December polls and woe betides anyone who attacks or pass any uncanny or unfavorable comment about JM or the NDC, Afia will surely come at you with missiles. Afia was faced with several hitches during the election year and after. She had to move from one media outlet to another and it’s very obvious that her media career has taken a down slide.
Ebe Ghana we dey. Don’t be astonished if their dead careers suddenly resurrect in 2020 if NDC happen to grab power.
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