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5 funny and simple reasons why a man may prefer a sex doll to a wife

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5 funny and simple reasons why a man may prefer a sex doll to a wife

The invention of the female sex dolls created massive outbursts on social media. Social Media users gave varying opinions as to why they think the invention is great while others took an opposite stance. On observations, I realized most female Social Media Users were highly displeased whereas most of the men were busily cruising, sailing to the new sexual innovation. The reason for this displeasure was obvious and can be found in jealousy or probably confirming the opinions that most of these 21st Century young ladies don’t  have much to offer in a relationship aside sex . In as much as, religion, conscience, morality, chastity and righteousness may speak bile of this invention, we just can’t help but highlight the flip side which is — the funny advantages a man may consider before choosing a sex doll over a wife. We can’t be serious all the time, can we?
  • REDUCES EXPENDITURE – Most financial burdens in marriages in Africa is classified solely as man’s responsibility. Some wives even demand sanitary pads from their husbands and that’s to the very height of absurdity. Possessing a sex doll may be costly but definitely not as much as possessing a wife. A man is Free from the famous ” Chop Money”, Mobile Money Stress and you get to save the amount on weddings and engagements. Less pressure.


  • AVAILABILITY OF SEX ANYTIME – No excuses guys! The sex dolls can’t and don’t menstruate, they can’t be tired either, and they dare not say I’m not in the mood. All set, all you need is to get hungry and there you go, a nutritious dinner is served.
  • NO TRUST ISSUES : Infidelity is growing rampant these days. A married woman gives birth to three kids and DNA result proved the kids aren’t the husband’s. Isn’t that horrible? Remember the case of football legend Odartey Lamptey.? Sex dolls won’t stress you that much. They are toys meant to please you. You can lock them indoors and switch them off, they are just like phones. Nobody can possess them except you misplace them, willingly give it out or stolen but would never cheat on you because toys understand loyalty than humans.


  • FREE FROM UNNECESSARY, ARGUMENTS AND FIGHTS– Forget the foods, if you can’t return to a peaceful home after a stressful day at work then what’s the point? You would be eating and be provoked to an argument with your spouse and before you know you will be choking on the food. See stress. With sex dolls a quiet and peaceful home is assured every time.
  • SEX DOLLS CAN PEACEFULLY COEXIST – You can possess any number of sex dolls under one roof and they would gladly coexist, no jealousy, they can’t complain of your infidelity and cheating. You are a liberated man.
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