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6 spiritual causes of Ebony’s death.

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6 spiritual causes of Ebony’s death.

We are all in shock. The vacuum that has been created in our music space by the death of Ebony Reigns is nothing less than highly intense.

Ghanaians have been talking as expected. Pointing fingers at possible cause of Ebony’s death. This is Africa and this is Ghana. We investigate death spiritually, we are spiritual people and believe nothing happens physically without a spiritual influence.

Several names and instances have been mentioned as the cause of Ebony’s demise. And Kingsblog.Net Ghana’s Most Authentic News Hub want to highlight those instances :

  • Ebony was killed by his Manager Bullet? It’s sad enough for your artiste to die right at the peak of her career but extremely disheartening to be associated with her demise. That’s if you are innocent. People are quoting and reading meanings into some utterances Bullet made some weeks ago about betrayal and death of career. It was rumoured that there was some bad vibe going on between Ebony and her Manager Bullet before her sudden death. reports that Ebony was to be unveiled by “filthy rich” Media group — Zylofon Media. Which can be a reason for the bad blood between Ebony and her manager Bullet. If I can’t have her , nobody will?
  • Her Aunty killed her out of Jealousy?? The prophet who prophesied that Ebony may lose her life if care wasn’t taken hinted on Zylofon FM’s Black Pot with Blakk Rasta that her Aunty may have been the cause of her demise.
  • Her competitors in the music space killed her? The young music diva was tipped as the first  female musician to win the prestigious Artiste of the year at VGMA’s. Ebony’s rise to fame was extremely powerful, she produced back to back hit songs. Her voice dexterity coupled with her immense energy was nothing for comparison. She was born with Music. She was born a star! Hence, some Ghanaians have linked Ebony’s untimely death to extreme envy of competition in the Music space.
  • The Thursday Curse? I believe you have seen some post on social media highlighting all the celebrities who died very young when they were enjoying the climax of their careers by car accidents? All On Thursday? Notable names were Suzzy Williams and Terry Bonchaka. Call it whatever but the list wasn’t anything coincidental. The list in circulation was trying to lay the point that most of our public figures and celebrities pass on during Thursdays. 3yawda – Pain Day!
  • Ebony’s disbelief and negligence? – Prophecies were made months and weeks before Ebony’s untimely demise. The prophecies cautioned her and announced her death before it actually happened. A lot of people think Ebony was the cause of her own demise since she didn’t take those prophecies serious. Even Music Producer Kaywa had seen this in a vision and prayed for Ebony.
  • Ebony was killed by the Event Organizers of the Hohoe show ? — Fingers has been pointed at a recent incident between some event organizers and Ebony’s management. Ebony was expected to perform for the organizers but never showed. The organizers claim Bullet Ebony’s manager “once again” told them that Ebony had been involved in an accident hence couldn’t make it to the event. The Manager came to debunk the claims stating that he said Ebony was unwell.

.Do you have other instances? Share with us. 3y3_asem ooo. Rest Well Ebony Reigns.

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