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Brutal Stories: Abused Men Share Horrible Experiences They Had With Women

Abused Men

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Brutal Stories: Abused Men Share Horrible Experiences They Had With Women

Social Media went haywire when one Nigerian woman by the name Olashile Abayomi tweeted — asking abused men to share horrible experiences they have ever had with a woman.

Abused Men

Olashile Abayomi

The results, replies, and responses of her very harmless intended question sprung forth very excruciating and terrifying experiences some men are going through in the hands of some women.

It was more shocking when most of these bold men revealed that they have kept this experiences with themselves for all their lives — leading some of them to sort after excessive masturbation or developing some sort of hatred for women in general.

However, others revealed they’ve overcome the harsh experience and have placed the inconvenient incidence behind them.

Kingsblog.Net is full of commendation for this courageous initiative by Olashile Abayomi for presenting an opportunity to these men to share their stories.

Here are a few of the experiences that were shared;

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