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There is saying that, “He who seeks equity must come with clean hands”. If you’ve turned yourself into a social media BNI of sorts that viciously attacks others for their slightest missteps, you must make it your life’s goal to live above reproach. And good for you, if you achieve that.
But if you fall prey to very social ills that you condemn others for, you will find out very quickly to your great surprise that there are people who can be more villainous, more brutal and can serve more deadly verbal poison than you.” – Samuel K. Obour.

Just about three weeks ago, atheist, blogger, lawyer and owner of Chris – Vincent Agyapong blasted Comedian OB Amponsah for making a sexual statement about DJ Switch. Let’s refresh our memories. He wrote;

“If you are following this pathetic and perhaps psychopathic dude, called OB Amponsah on social media–you should quickly unfriend him or unfollow him–for he says the most repulsive things about children, as young as 8 years.

Children ought to be encouraged and be protected–and as such no adult should subject any child to s*xual statements, even if it was meant to be a tasteless joke.

Saying a child is sxy is ignorantly offensive for the fact that it bothers on sxual objectification.

But for OB Amponsah, calling a child as young as 8 years a lesbian or suggesting that such a child is on the path to becoming a lesbian when reasonably the child may not even have an idea as to what lesbianism is–is wholly acceptable.

So he took to Facebook last night after the impressive much talked about performance DJ Switch at the 2017 Ghana Meets Naija to say, the child will soon become a lesbian and that she should be found a boyfriend to avert this.

OB Amponsah
He smugly wrote: “I know most of you would disagree with me… But we better find a boyfriend for DJ Switch before she becomes a Lesbian oo. Yooooo. Bae is showing all signs of a Tom Boy.”

First of all, T-Bag, the s*xual predator with special interest in children of Prison Break fame wouldn’t even consider this as a joke, yet a supposed fully functional human being processed this and threw it out there as a joke to the delight of over 200 Ghanaians who approved of it via either commenting or liking it.

Who says this about a child? Whether a Tom boy or not, she is a f**king child who may not even know what lesbianism is–and even if she chooses that, what’s your problem? Is a boyfriend a solution? That’s even if you consider a different s*xual orientation to yours as evil?

It’s not even the people who pass such comments about children that are stupid; the sycophants who do not see anything wrong plus those who watch and do nothing are the real problem.

Bringing children up in such a SICK Ghanaian society is unhealthy and every Ghanaian, especially mothers and women should condemn this message, which has somewhat been accepted by a bunch of people.

For this, I am blocking the OB guy and anyone who supported his message from my Facebook list–such people are societal maniacs. And I think you should do so too.

As someone rightfully mentioned, you guys did the same to Abraham Attah–now a child doing so well for herself is being subjected to this s*xual inappropriate comment, once again in the name of a JOKE.

For people like OB Amponsah, every publicity whether good or bad is publicity and therefore I ask that any reasonable person reading this should not only condemn his statement but should also rob him of his relevance, by scaling down his social media followers–to serve as a reminder to him and others that children ought to be protected.

No child should be a subject of such a remark, even if meant to be a joke.

Apparently, he’s an Optometrist alongside a struggling comedian and by his logic, any “tomboy” who is brought to a hospital he works will be labelled a lesbian or a potential lesbian with his recommendation being, we should find the person a boyfriend even if as young as 8 years…

Note that according to the last Pew Polls, Ghana is a country with 98% of its population being against homos*xuals–and setting up an 8-year-old child doing great for herself against this population is pure evil.

Do you just want to kill her dream?

How do you look at an 8-year-old child and have s*xual orientation related thoughts about her? This guy may be a paedophile.”

It appears Chris – Vincent Agyapong isn’t the holy judge he portrays himself to be after all. Comedian OB who has being obviously monitoring the steps of the holy pope finally got his revenge.
He accused him of stealing pictures from Counts Visuals without giving them the due credence.
This only goes to support Samuel K. Obour’s quote.
Just so you know, OB went on a social media hibernation from Chris’ crucifixion and later apologized for mking that statement. Even though his contextual intent wasn’t to harm DJ Switch.
Let’s enjoy the brutality from the Comedian to the Blogger.

Pathetic Vietnamese blogger steals pictures and brands them as his own work.
One, Chris – Vincent Agyapong a struggling Vietnamese blogger/blocker stole pictures from Counts visuals and deliberately denied them their due credence.
I mean for a lawyer, with two supposed degrees, that is some stupid shit to do. Two degrees my ass. Even a thermometer has 100 degrees and doesn’t steal people’s shine.
You know, it’s one thing not to believe in God, but to steal, is morally degrading even for an Atheist. Darwin and the likes he associates with should be squirming in their graves. Hell, I’m sure they even denied his lacerny egoistic ass when Nkrumah asked if they knew him.
This act raises a lot of questions. How did he pay for the bride price of his recently wedded wife? How did he sponsor the wedding? Did he steal the money from somewhere? Did he rob a bank? Is he a veiled fraud boy?
So many questions are left unanswered. As to how he was even able to pay his fees. Does he have cronies who steal with him? Does he pay his taxes? Is he a cocaine smuggler?
We are all bewildered, because this same confused Atheist bears the name of Christ and had his wedding blessed by a Christian ordained pastor. So we are wondering how he is going to plead in court when he is finally sued, insanity? Dementia?
What about his stupid blog? Does he just post things there to incite people to read sensational stuff, while he wanks off to the insults and gullibility of Ghanaians? Apart from pilfering, I believe that is the only way a misogynist (lemme borrow Goldheart’s words) like him achieves an orgasm?
And he had the stupid guts to make a slideshow of the stolen pictures, post on YouTube for views and adsense money. Such ratty impudence. I mean the Bible teaches us to feed the poor, not Gbemis like this individual.
Dude doesn’t need to apologize… The people of Ghana know him as a thief, a robber, a sadist, a bully, a white ass wiping piece of shit, a national shame, and a chronic maniac who has no place among civilised Ghanaians. He can transmogrify into a vulture since all he is best at is stealing and scavenging.
What pains me most is why Denkyira Boase people would lynch the wrong innocent person when a real polymathic thief is alive and sharing oxygen with mankind.
Counts Visuals should sue this cockroach for his stupidity, thievery, and overwhelming vapid narcissistic self. Ghana would be better off with idiots like this behind bars.
Sia like that!


Someone tell OB Amponsah that he should give me a constant reminder not to fall in his bad books. Forking Guy. I seriously believe he wrote this a longtime ago waiting for his turn to strike. What’s that line again?
“Two degrees my ass. Even thermometer has 100 degrees but doesn’t steal people’s shine.” Wtf!

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