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I must say this topic caught my attention when it was discussed on GTV’s E–SPOT between great musicians Kwame A plus and Barima Sidney with the awesome Sammy Flex also part of the discussants.

The question for debate was — should creative arts people indulge in partisan politics?
Kwame A plus on the issue stated emphatically that in as much as creative arts people are celebrated and have masses following them doesn’t mean they seize to be human.
He added that,he sees no reason a celebrity in the creative arts can’t boldly declare his or her political stands.

Sidney and Sammy Flex also raised some quite enlightening points but I will like to go by A plus’ direction..

Celebrities are human too and have preferences and conscience but in Ghana it almost seem as a curse to be a celebrity.
The chastise that will fall on you if you make a political stand is outrageous and trust me,no matter your creative prowess you will surely loose some large following.

Over the years we have seen some of the instances where celebrity fans insult stars for choosing a political party they don’t belong to. John Dumelo is a case study.

In my view,it’s absurd when people are intimated by positions and social class therefore scared to utter their preferences and choices.
More creative people shy away from partisan politics and governmental issues in general to have a hideout for public scrutiny and that to some large extent is crippling our industry indirectly..
Let’s not forget that we need very active creative minds in the nations decision making and more.

We need role models and celebrities to be bold on their preferences,voice their opinions out without fear of public scrutiny for the betterment of the nation,it’s a Democratic country after all and not freaking Hitler era.(Big ups to Yvonne Nelson on the dumsor vigil demonstration).

The lashes Yvonne received for embarking on the vigil was massive and I think myself even gave her a spew or two but in the end we can all attest to the facts that,what she embarked on was a good iniative.
We should learn to be tolerant with our celebrities in the angle of politics notwithstanding, we should constructively criticize and scrutinize when they go wayward without insult unless it’s highly necessary but seriously, we shouldn’t create the environment of fear for them when they can’t express their thoughts and opinions.

Gurus in our industry should stop the mafia when celebrities come out to boldly state their political stands, it doesn’t mean they must go down at all cost,it’s their preference and I believe you have preference too.

The political maturity in Ghana is low and I must say we need to grow it.
I am not your enemy if I choose party A and you belong to B,we are just one people with different political dispensations.

Celebrities are not robots.

Signed NKB.

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