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Criss Waddle Blasts Delay For Belittling People On Her Show

Criss-Waddle blasts delay

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Criss Waddle Blasts Delay For Belittling People On Her Show

Criss Waddle blasts Delay for belittling people on her show.

Well, you might probably be wondering why Criss Waddle hasn’t been on the Delay Show yet and this is it.

Criss Waddle explained his absence on the Delay Show when a fan queried Delay asking why the musician hasn’t been on her show yet but Criss Waddle answered by saying Delay has been trying to get him on set but he declines because he’s not ready to be Delay’s punching bag stressing he dislikes how Delay belittle on her show countlessly in order to feel good about herself.

He wrote; “She’s tried so many times, I just hate how she tries to belittle everyone that comes on her show, it’s like the only opportunity she has to make herself feel better.”


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