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Do You Really Love Your Partner Or You Are Just Obsessed With Them

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Do You Really Love Your Partner Or You Are Just Obsessed With Them

It’s confusing to practically differentiate between love and obsession because you can be so Obsessed over someone but not love them at all.

Obsession is possession, a sense of ownership. Whereas love is freedom.

Do you love your partner? Real love is like faith, you don’t know why you love that person. You just do. In as much as, obsession may have some similar characteristics as love you can always expose it with motive.

When you are obsessed with someone you try to be extremely selfish with them, extremely jealous and there’s a high sense of mistrust likely to be the last supper of your relationship. Obsession is a twin to slavery.

You camp the person and prevent them from exploring, you restrict them from being themselves whereas love gives freedom, forgives easily and covers all wrongs.

We can make an example from how God loves mankind, he gives us free will and loves us regardless, gives us room for exploration and to make our own mistakes until we arrive at our self-actualization or a certain point where we want to regard him. Even through the process of trying to find our own way he comes through to deliver us when we goof and shit all over ourselves.

However, obsession and love sometimes move hand in hand and we should be able to differentiate. There are times we confuse love with obsession and vice versa. It can be a tricky dice. Love not properly controlled gives way to obsession. Don’t get it wrong a person who loves you wants the best for you and might be protective of you sometimes when you are trying to take some silly decisions and paths that might harm you but will try to communicate and make you see the wrong choice you’re about to make but still give you the room and freedom to make your decision.

On the other hand, obsession dictates and imposes because like I mentioned earlier, it’s possession. If you are obsessed with someone you think you own them. You strongly believe they are yours mostly that leads into blood covenant and other troubling instances.

Sadly, most of us can’t draw the line between obsession and love sometimes we mix the two other times we allow our love to become an obsession. In conclusion, I will like to suggest that we focus on loving our partners by giving them the room to explore and be themselves — in this regard, we free ourselves too. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to really get a clear knowledge of the person you’re in a relationship with because obsessing over them doesn’t give you a clear view and you may be surprised at the long run.

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