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Edem Nearly Killed Me In Bed – Edem’s Wife Cries Out


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Edem Nearly Killed Me In Bed – Edem’s Wife Cries Out

Rapper Edem nearly killed his wife in the bedroom with thunderstorm farts as his wife cries out on Twitter.

Stacey Osekere, Edem’s gorgeous wife with whom he has two amazing kids took to her Twitter handle to complain about how Edem almost collapsed her lungs with farts.

“If I don’t survive tonight, know that my husband @iamedem killed me with all this his farting in bed… My lungs are collapsing.”

We understand that most celebrities wouldn’t be cool with their wives publicizing events in their bedroom on social media but it appears Edem and his wife have a different understanding and are on some strange wavelength compared to most celebrity couples.

Edem’s jovial response eased any tension that might have surrounded his wife post initially.

“My wife no correct 😂😂😂😂😂” Edem replied.

Stacey Osekere Edem’s Wife has also been on Twitter showering praises on her husband’s sexual prowess on Twitter and talking about their fantastic relationship.

“He became my responsibility when I became his girlfriend.”

“The love was good, the sex was bestmazing … Not because he was Ewe.. it all because he was my man.”


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