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Exposed: Benedicta Gafah Has Done Surgery On Her Bo*bs And Ass

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Exposed: Benedicta Gafah Has Done Surgery On Her Bo*bs And Ass

An actress by the name Xandy Kamel has been on the throat of Benedicta Gafah for some unknown reasons.

Xandy Kamel in an interview with Ayisha Papabi on TV Africa’s Pae Mu Ka made several allegations about one of Ghana’s most beautiful actresses Benedicta Gafah.

Xandy Kamel And Ayisha Papabi

She claimed that she’s not envious or jealous of Benedicta Gafah but perceives that Gafah is rather envious of her and for that reason, Benedicta Gafah after feeling inferior around her traveled to do surgical operations on her boobs and ass.

“I’m not in anyway jealous of her (Benedicta Gafah) but I believe because of my ass and breast she rather traveled to work and operate on her ass and boobs.”

It’s not really clear what started the feud between them but it seems it’s about to get hotter. Xandy further accused Benedicta of creating fake social media accounts to attack her.

“She has been creating fake accounts to attack me after she blocked me but anytime she fails.

It’s alleged that Benedicta Gafah cursed Xandy with Psalms of the Bible but in response to that Xandy said, people, should anticipate a very terrible end to Benedicta Gafah soon because she rather cursed herself.

Xandy Kamel Event MC, Actress, Producer

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