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Fraud Alert: This Is How Jumia Is Stealing Money From Innocent People

Fraud Alert: This Is How Jumia Is Stealing Money From Innocent People

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Fraud Alert: This Is How Jumia Is Stealing Money From Innocent People

I can boldly say Jumia Ghana is the most unreliable online shopping center in the country.

Let me explain. They refer to themselves as the most convenient online shopping mall. That’s just opposite of what they actually are.

I have been seeing posts on facebook complaining about their bad service and how they drink people dry of their money but I paid no attention until this happened to me.

My first order on Jumia wasn’t delivered to me but that was fair because I lost nothing. But then again I should have known better because Jumia described itself as serving in the best possible way.

Serving in the best possible way yet, my very first experience with them was very sour because I was desperately waiting for that order but what Jumia gave me was just disappointment.

I’m a guy of many chances, so I placed another order on Jumia. I had to wait for several hours before the product arrived and sadly the product wasn’t exactly what I saw on their website but I convinced myself that it was better than nothing.

Sadly and unfortunately, I recommended them to my brother who was having issues with his phone thus needed a new one.

His product arrived and the new phone just won’t charge. He immediately called the necessary authorities for them to rectify the situation and it has been two weeks now and he still hasn’t received any proper feedback. He was even directed to submit the product which he did but nothing has been done about it till date.

Beware and don’t fall a victim to their scam!

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