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Gender equality is a natural disorder – Nana Kwame Buabeng writes


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Gender equality is a natural disorder – Nana Kwame Buabeng writes

Women must have a say in everything, they shouldn’t be treated any less, they should be freed and allowed to explore everything but to say they are equal to men is an illusion, we can debate for hours but won’t get anywhere. – Nana Kwame Buabeng


Women are doing amazing. I adore them. Especially, those hard working independent Queens, that don’t need a King to dash them gold to fill their bank accounts, buy makeups that make them look like witches, and buy somebody’s hair to fix on their head — I respect you.
But honestly, gender equality is a natural disorder, just as homosexuality or lesbianism. They call it sexual innovations and that’s not my business. God wasn’t mad when he created us in pair, I mean a man and¬†woman. He said we should multiply. I guess gays multiply? Lesbians too? We are changing the world’s natural order so fast that, if God doesn’t even come. We shall eventually cause our own doomsday.

Read Ephesians : 5:20-30.

We aren’t equal but it shouldn’t be a reason for disrespect, mistreatment and taking advantages of each others vulnerabilities. In fact, women are more favored by the Law than men. That’s the main reason why I don’t get these feminism nonsense — they say they are fighting for equal rights and respect for women.
Meanwhile, they ignore the fact that men are also disrespected, harassed and refused to acknowledge the law is already biased , mostly favoring the women. Can you imagine, myself and a woman like Serena Williams. Yes, the tennis diva. Can’t she rape me? Yet, I won’t even have any evidence scientifically they will say I had sex and the defense will say it was consensual. I would go home with my confidence broken, my pride thrashed. Hence, I won’t even report it and the event will haunt my psychology. Do you know the men who get beaten by their wives but can’t voice out because of the padlock and handcuffs the law has already placed on us. What’s the equal rights here?
Chale! Sweethearts, just submit to us and let’s love you as Christ loved the Church. Let’s walk side by side, treating each other with respect and let’s not even argue about gender equality.
We need each other

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