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This is the girl predicted to replace Ebony Reigns – Check her out

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This is the girl predicted to replace Ebony Reigns – Check her out

Call her the Queen of Mash up. Her name is Dhat Girl. She has been predicted to be a replacement for Ebony Reigns by many music lovers and most entertainment pundits in Ghana.

Dhat Girl comes with an immense prowess of vocal dexterity and her creativity on songs during her mash up sections isn’t anything below topnotch. Her very current song “Mayweather” is receiving lot of love and applause with many consumers of the song nodding to the facts that the song has a potential of becoming a nationwide hit song.
However, other section of the pundits and music lovers hold the opinion that Ebony’s career and her persona can never be replaced by anyone and especially not by Dhat Girl. In simple words, We can never have another Ebony Reigns.
Here’s a video of Dhat Girl mashing up Ebony’s Sponsor.

What do you think? Can Ebony be replaced? Let’s here your thoughts.

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