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Girl Shares Terrifying Dream Of Shatta Wale’s Death And Stonebwoy’s Consolation

Dream Of Shatta Wale's Death

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Girl Shares Terrifying Dream Of Shatta Wale’s Death And Stonebwoy’s Consolation

Shatta Wale has been on the radar to be the next major celebrity to pass on after Ebony Reigns according to some prophets. The prophets were getting trendy until Shatta Wale threatened to burn down their Churches if he doesn’t die by the end of the year. Unfortunately, a new revelation has emerged about Shatta Wale’s death and this time it’s coming from a strong supporter and lover of the Shatta Wale brand. A young lady by name Rachael Boadi has shared a dream with of how she saw Shatta Wale’s death and how she was consoled by Stonebwoy in the dream. This is her story.
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” I saw a very big coffin and a lot of celebrities in their mourning cloth. I got closer to the coffin and opened it and to my amazement it was Shatta Wale. I mentioned his name and he opened his eyes. He resurrected and I was very terrified so I run to hide myself. I went to hide in a certain room but couldn’t lock the door. He was looking for me and I couldn’t understand why a dead person was looking for the living. He came to the room and I could see him but he couldn’t see me. Surprisingly, Stonebwoy also came in and requested that I go outside with him. We got outside with Shatta Wale and suddenly Shatta Wale was nowhere to be found. I was very sad. I was crying and Stonebwoy tried consoling me but his effort proved futile until he started singing to me. He sang ‘Tomorrow’ to me.”
” I know a lot of people are going doubt me and say I’m an attention seeker but I’m a person who believes in dreams.” Nana Akua pleaded that we come together and pray for our celebrities. She indicated that the dream doesn’t mean that Shatta Wale is going to die because she doesn’t even understand it but believes it is not a good dream.
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