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I decided to write this article when on my daily social media roam I came across a post on facebook, asking whether God is a fun blocker,like he doesn’t want the human race to really have fun but to serve him and surround everything of our lives around him,if that’s not the case,why therefore will he say we should wait till marriage before we can enjoy sex?
Does he think it’s that easy because he’s immortal?
Why therefore didn’t he take the thought of sex from our minds till we marry?
There were so many questions under the post which somewhat got me thinking.
I don’t want to quote any bible or quaran verses whatsoever, let’s just be practical,hiding behind some bible quotations has become outmoded for my liking.
I feel like it scares people of,notwithstanding, it’s the truth and the word of God but people need real and practical answers that they can easily relate to,quoting some bible quotations you don’t even understand disappoints God.
God has given the human race the wisdom through his word.
Let’s hear this, God has instructed the human race to flee from sexual immorality but it seems the human race has a problem with that order,so we rebel,go directly opposite to those instructions.
We jump into it not to talk of fleeing,in your communities,your schools and workplaces don’t you have rules there?
How chaotic a place will be without rules that govern that place,there also is chaos when the set rules that governs a place are not obeyed.
Let’s just look around us to witness a chaotic world we live in,because we have simply decided not to give a damn to God’s instructions.
The man who created the world.
God knew in his wisdom that if he gives the free will to sex without any instructions like we have invented now,we would loose our virginities to the wrong people.
There will be countless unwanted pregnancies which will increase population growth and we all know the effect of high population growth,it summons hardship.
Most of the crimes we witness now in our days are caused by bastards and you can disagree or agree.
How are you going to cater for a child you didn’t plan for?
So you will definitely opt for an abortion or give birth to the child and leave him or her to fate.
Which we all know where most of that cases ends,they later bring guns to our houses or worse.
See how far pre marital sex has brought the world?
I am not a saint, we are all guilty of the world’s damage which is beyond repairing.
I mean see the countless divorces in our era with most of them being as a result of infidelity,low sexual power and infertility.
How can a man who has slept with over five girls stick to you?
Can you satisfy all his different sexual varieties he derived from five strong women?
How sure can you be?
It might still seem lame to us even when the signs are clear,but I understand, sex is too powerful an addiction.
At least even a fool can reason to find sense in God’s reasons or my opinion of God’s reasons for denying humanity sex before marriage.

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