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If You Are A Woman And Think You Don’t Need A Man You Are A Lesbian – Princess Shyngle Fires

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If You Are A Woman And Think You Don’t Need A Man You Are A Lesbian – Princess Shyngle Fires

Actress Princess Shyngle brutally fired a suspected feminist on Instagram who tried to rubbish the actress’ post on the platform.

In a post where the actress congratulated Sarkodie and made fun of her colleague female celebrities who are yet to tie the knot but seem to have passed the perceived marital threshold for women.

A suspected feminist tried to muddy herself with the curvaceous diva but sadly ended up in the mud alone. In simple words, she got served!

The suspected feminist who is the owner of @dantemmy handle on Instagram raised an argument which depicts that there’s more to life than just marriage thus a woman’s success shouldn’t be measured by her marital status.

” Your African mentality is another problem. A woman’s or anyone’s life at all is not about all marriage. There are so many things to achieve in life besides that. Africans believe that no matter how successful you are especially with the women if you are not married you are a failure. Hence, the reason why many are pressured  into marrying people they ain’t in love with. Have you seen how marriages are failing like maths exams??!! It is not how long  but how well honey!! Mchewww… Use Sense.

However, the actress countered her argument head-on — stating that a man and a woman complete each other and as a result, she can only derive one meaning from a woman who thinks she doesn’t need a man and that is, either that woman is a gay or a lesbian.

”You don’t what you are talking about woman, but if being single and successful works for you cuz you don’t have African mentality you are biggest liar ever, I don’t know who you are fooling but definitely not me, every man completes a woman and every woman completes a man well unless you are gay or lesbian.”

Enuanom y3 ns3m pa!



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