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I have been a Ghanaian for 2 decades and counting but honestly during this period I haven’t witness Ghanaians express the disgust and despise they portray when issues of homosexuality pop up. I was quite astonished reading comments under a website which broke a story of two Ghanaian lesbians marrying in the Netherlands. I have read opinions on social media but these ones on the website was way scary.

People were calling these women demons and others were even threatening to kill them. The Irony! Someone is a demon because she’s interested in the same-sex but the person threatening to kill isn’t? I was left puzzled and baffled. What can really be the problem or reason Ghanaians become so intolerable towards gays and lesbians. I was relieved when I got these two answers and my relieve actually came as a result of my realisation that these reasons exposed the hypocrisy resting deep in the Ghanaian bosom.

Before I go ahead let me say this. I am very straight just like most guys. I don’t like the act of homosexuality but I don’t hate the gay just as God hate my sins but love me. Let’s Proceed.


  • It’s A Sin. Ghanaians hate homos because they are sinners and they hate homosexuality  because it’s a sin. Forget Corruption, Fornication, Bribery, Abortion, Lying and Killing etc. We Ghanaians can manage every sin but homosexuality. We think it’s the ‘unforgiving sin’ and these homos are doomed to hell of a sort like God will consider the thief and punish the gay whereas deceiving ourselves and ‘normalizing’ some sins. Ain’t we funny?



  • It’s Unnatural. I think I have even said this once or twice that the way these gays engage sexually is very abnormal and unnatural but again I was gazing at another refuse dump of hypocrisy. Is there a manual somewhere guiding us how we should have sex with women or vice versa? I know you have all heard of anal sex right? Thank you. If the gay is having intercourse through the anus and you criticizing the gay is engaging your wife or other half in anal sex how are you different from him or you think doing it with the opposite sex makes it right? I think you are more stupid having a punaani right in front of you and opting for anus yet you are bold to criticize gays and to the women that enjoy licking and fingering, fornication left and right, jumping from one hard thing to another yet casting stones at lesbians ayekoo.  Mention Oral Sex and all the sexual innovations that the human race have come to accept. Are they all right?? I mean you lick and suck and do all that sexual tricks with your mouth and play with your partners genitals and still eat with this same mouth and still pray to God with this mouth, if God can tolerate you, why can’t you tolerate the gay and lesbian? The truth is, most of the things you saints do under your bed sheets isn’t so different from what these sinners do.
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