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Join Touch Life Global Foundation And Start Receiving Cash And Food Every Month


Join Touch Life Global Foundation And Start Receiving Cash And Food Every Month

TOUCH LIFE GLOBAL FOUNDATION – Most people are usually content with little things and always afraid to take on new challenges and ventures.

Elsewhere in Europe, people do three or more jobs/businesses and are able to live their full dreams with family. In Ghana, everything online is perceived as a scam or occultic. We often perceive hardwork as doing manual jobs and sweating to get income.

But this belief is only an archaic fallacy. Bill Gates became rich with ‘Microsoft’, facebook made a young man, Mark Zukerberg a billionaire. In the 21st Century technology has taken over and has transformed the world greatly. What made our ancestors wealthy cannot even sustain us to live a normal life today.

Touch Life Global Foundation is giving you a genuine opportunity to create another source of income. Did you know that anytime you make a call, you make your network operators rich? When you go online as in social media – facebook, twitter, whatsApp, snapchat, youtube, instagram, etc, you actually working for the owners of such software application and making them rich?

People in Ghana are not living their full dreams because of high dependency ratio and high expenditure made in our everyday life which usually exceed our income. Our salaries are good enough but should not be our only source of income.Think outside the box and get a second job/business which will not interfere with your current profession or requires less time but equally rewarding.

In the quest to address multi-job conflict with personal profession/job has emerged the concept of Network Marketing Business. The Network Marketing business doesn’t mean going online always. It’s about connecting with your family and friends and getting paid in the process. Isn’t that amazing? Assuming you refer your friend to your best fashion designer and the designer pays you for that. I am sure you have recommended a particular product to a friend but were you paid for that advertising?

We one way or another do network referrals but we are not paid for that, which is very unfair. Network marketing simply put is bringing people together to form a team of people with mutual benefits to generate passive or active income.   In this 21st century, connecting with family and friends has been made easier with social media, so whiles you stay in touch with them, you also make extra income through referrals.

A team of experts have researched into income spending and realized that about 60% – 70% of our income is spent on food and electronics and have come up with the best network business ever – Touch Life Global Foundation. Unlike other network marketing businesses, Touch Life Global Foundation specializes in network marketing without selling any products or pay renewal fees for autoship.

It’s purely multi-level marketing with the desire to provide food, electronics, cash, cars and many more incentives to help people save their incomes/salaries to achieve their dreams. Touch Life Global Foundation originally started as NGO and now extended its operations to multi-level network business and duly registered in about 14 African countries including Ghana in order to touch lives of everyone irrespective of economic class, literacy level and non – dependent on donor supports only.

Touch Life Global Foundation Ghana with NGO registration number A026/10/85 (Accra Metropolitan Assembly) and business registration number CG086402017 has 20 offices/food depots across all the 10 regions. All you need to do is to register with an amount of GHS 124.00 0r $31 and refer at least two people to also register under you and start enjoying free food monthly, cash, electronics, cars and other incentives.

Authorized Business Operations Certificate For Touch Life Global Foundation Ghana

Authorized Business Operations Certificate For Touch Life Global Foundation Ghana

Once your registration is done, you collect your welcome package and see yourself on the feeder stage as a starter. You will have your own dedicate web page dashboard where you can build your team with family and friends (network of people).

There are six stages that you go through as a registered member with amazing income and benefits. We have feeder stage, silver (stage 1), gold (Stage 2), Gold Star 1 (Stage 3), platinum (stage 4), diamond (stage 5) and diamond star 1 (stage 6)   WhatsApp or call the team of experts for details and registration on 0547952228.

I will end by saying he who is scared to take risks in life may not achieve anything in life. Thank You!

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  1. Anonymous

    December 29, 2018 at 8:30 pm

    How can I join and also want to know more about it

    • Detches

      May 15, 2019 at 3:00 pm

      How can i also join please

  2. Anonymous

    May 15, 2019 at 2:59 pm

    How can i also join please

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