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Lack of friendship not lack of love is the cause of break ups and divorces – Nana Kwame Buabeng writes

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Lack of friendship not lack of love is the cause of break ups and divorces – Nana Kwame Buabeng writes

Love is arguably the only word that doesn’t have an accurate meaning.
Love is a very broad scope and everyone has their own understandings,believes and explanations to it.
What then is friendship I asked myself and one word just came to mind which is trust.
Friendship is trust,a person you can’t trust can’t be a friend.
Which brings me to a conversation I had with my ex-girlfriend sometime ago when she asked me ; ”Nana why is it that people can still be in love but are still divorced or broken up” she trusted me to answer that so I did and that is what I want to share with you today.
Relationships collapse not because of the lack of love but the lack of friendship.
Love is the feeling,yea! that crazy feeling that makes you do stupid things to please that one special person,friendship is more or less what really connects you two hence if friendship fails,the connection becomes weak though the feeling is there.
Friendship is when you guys communicates daily,talk about each others dreams and aspirations,eat together,take a walk together,cook together,share everything with each other.Now tell me what happens if all these things stop coming?
Eventually,the relationship collapses.Love must be built firmly on friendship before any other thing.
What memories come to mind when you have those broken hearts?
You remember the times you guys would hold each others hands and walk together at the park or one funny statement that person passed when you asked how you looked in your new dress.
You remember the friendship and wish to have it back because the feeling which is love is still around.
If you are in a relationship that you really value,start working on the friendship now!
Love is the decided feeling that you give to someone — friendship is the process of opening up your all to someone.
Friendship is trust like I stated earlier,be honest and continue to open up with the one you love.
Don’t stop trusting them.
I hear this statement a lot ” I love him but I don’t trust him.”
That is because, that person might have closed up with you and there’s no friendship.
Let your partner be your best friend and see how things turn out.

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