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Lost but found – Meet Sarkodie’s Twin Brother

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Lost but found – Meet Sarkodie’s Twin Brother

My daily roam on social gifted me a sight worth my time. I saw Danny Ranking a guy with a striking resemblance to Sarkodie. I choose to call him Sarkodie’s twin because of the facial likeness.

Initially, I thought he was a wild fan of Sarkodie hence using his picture as his profile picture then I got closer. Something was just not right. So I invaded his picture album on facebook and holala, there he was — Sarkodie’s twin.

Recently, we made a publication which involved a lady by name Olivia, who confessed having sex with someone who looked like Sarkodie and we think we found him.I ONCE SLEPT WITH A GUY BECAUSE HE LOOKED LIKE SARKODIE – OLIVIA

Not much information about Danny Ranking since most of our messages to him has received no attention. We guess he’s already feeling like a celebrity. I mean who wouldn’t. His name is Danny Ranking on facebook. Go check him out.

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