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Whenever I hear news of young girls wailing and calling men names because some boy broke their heart,I smile and simply ignore them because to me,these ladies are still young and are aimlessly seeking relationships.
Matured women understand men,the immature once don’t — with maturity I ain’t talking about age but intelligence,we can all attest to the fact that age doesn’t determine maturity so let’s skip that part.
Men are sexual beasts, very vibrant sexually driven wild lions always targeting the next prey which is the next pant to pull down.
Men are very adventurous and if my facts are right,about 98% of men cheat on their girlfriends and wives — so why wail and behave as though you lost some billion pounds because your man cheated on you?
Sweetheart chill.
Cheating is in a mans DNA,the earlier you accept that fact,the better for you.
Men can be tamed,the way you handle your man will determine how he responds to you.
Matured women instead of wasting that precious moment crying and listening to sorrowful music,learn new ways of keeping their men.
I know this woman who got married and six months down the line,the husband started misbehaving.
The issue got out of hand to the point that,the husband brought his concubine to their matrimonial home.
The calm and matured woman never quarrelled,she went to a counsellor who reminded her of all the things she stopped doing when she became a wife..
The woman remembered how her husband loved her in tight jeans and revealing outfits.
She therefore went shopping and later visited the saloon,her husband love the rasta hairstyle she assumed,because the new girl in the house had a rasta hairstyle.
Miraculously, she woke up the next day realising the absence of the intruder after she roamed the house with her beauty the previous day.
She therefore wore one of her silky old nighties which was very revealing,and the sight of her in that dress according to her story was absolutely irresistible for a man’s eye and d**k.
She revealed that she had never seen a man so eager like her husband when she entered their suppose bedroom to verify the absence of the intruder.
The point is,know your man and be dynamic in your sexual approach, let him feel like the king.
If you love the man and you are so sure he loves you too,then it’s time to acquire some knowledge.
Make sure you know him to that extent where no woman does because eventually, your man is going to cheat and the question rest as to whether he will come back to you after that adventure.
Entice him in ways he can’t imagine not only in bed but with attitude,know him.
Let him keep coming for more and that’s how you can tame him.
Men are promiscous ,men are cheats,men are liars,men are this and that,keep on talking and by the time you are done, all your colleagues will be wearing rings.
Get up and learn.
Men enjoy the adventure of pursuing different flavours but when the girl keeps showing difference everyday, it pays and cancels the adventurous part of him.

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