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Mzvee talks about sex, brags about sex and shares how she likes her sex in her new song

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Mzvee talks about sex, brags about sex and shares how she likes her sex in her new song

Did you notice Mzvee was boasting, bragging, sharing her sexual preferences and basically talking about love making in the “Sing my name” song?

I am not here to criticize her. Actually, I love the song and feel the video was simply beautiful and highly conceptual.

I just want us to encode how beautiful the actual meaning and message of the song was hidden in the composition.

I could be wrong with this but except Mzvee would like to tell the whole world that she does music with no meaning or no message, I believe we can’t get a better understanding to her ‘sing my name’ song with Willis Beatz, than what I am about to tell you. There’s always something encoded in artistry that most times, normal lovers of arts like myself, never decode. We just flow along without any understanding and refuse to catch the drift.

We should be circumspect, cautious and always crave understanding in things we love.

I honestly believe there’s nothing wrong with talking about sex but I just want you to understand the song to the fullest and enjoy the beauty of the composition. The first verse of the song carried all the message, all other verses was just to keep you dancing. I am going to explain and decode in my own understanding — what the song meant. Note that — it’s likely Mzvee didn’t even write the song.

Let’s go ;
“You hit the jackpot bingo.”
(Here she was talking to a guy with cash.)
“Hope you bigger than your ego.” (Can I be real? Catch the drift? Here she was asking the said guy whether his manhood is bigger than his ego.) Well, we all encode messages differently but I honestly believe that statement wasn’t just to rhyme. Every line of the song had a meaning.

“A,B,C, let the D go, U go, V go.” – (Okay. Here’s the deal. D in the alphabet is representing Dick and the V represents the infamous Vagina).

“On your marks, set, ready, go.” (Here’s when she have sex with the guy. She has already told the D and V to go, which I have already explained. And we all know on your marks, get set and go right? Just relate that to the topic on board)

“You be my heart make you carry gooo, make you carry gooo.” (Here, she completely surrenders to the guy, telling him he adores him and urging him to keep going.)

“Tell them girl I’m your girlie oo.”
(This is quite self explanatory, she wants to cement her main chick territory in the guy’s life.)

“Oh yeah,yeah,yeah I want to feel it in my belly o.”
(For those of you who after all these, still think, I am just making stuffs up, one question for you. What does she want to feel in her belly? Hunger!? 😂  … Here she’s showing and telling him, how she wants to feel her sex. Probably, urging the guy to go deeper. Dig! Dig!)

“Follow the ladder to my heaven ooo,ladder, ladder, ladder.” ( Heaven here represents happiness and in sex where’s the happiness for the lady? You guessed right, orgasm. Ladder could represent a lot of things that leads to the climax. But I believe this,a ladder has two ways of “transportation” it takes us up and down. So, there you have it, the ladder could be the guy’s thrust inside her. Either way, the ladder which  I believe to be the guy’s thrust, helps both of them reach “Heaven.”

“I give you my heart and soul, your bar overload Sujw3, are you ready ready ready? I’m gonna make you sing my naaamme, sing my name.” ( They’re climaxing and Mzvee could feel him so hard near ejaculation, she even asked him if he’s ready to let those spermatozoa go. She also believes the sex was so good to make the guy sing her name.) I believe I would have gotten a medal for this in America but here in Ghana, crucifixion is my fate at the moment. Let the insults flow.

Seriously, This is just an opinion and I hope you agree? Check out the song.


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