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I nearly committed suicide - Don Little

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Steven Atanga Fosu famously known as Don Little shared his ordeal and harsh life experiences which nearly made him commit suicide on Angel TV’s “Obra Mu Nsem” yesterday morning.
The 21 year old actor disclosed that growing up wasn’t easy and hasn’t been as he had to deal with public mockery and scrutiny because he was different.
He lambasted his parents for being unpleasant with him as he recounts her mother’s loaded insults on his head whenever she quarrels with his father and his father’s insupportable nature towards his education.
“My mother always insults me terribly whenever she fights or quarrel with my father and my father didn’t help me at all, he told me that since he didn’t go to school I shouldn’t also pursue academia.” He said with tears.
He explained that these instances made him look down upon himself because he thought, if his biological parents could be so cruel to him, how about an outsider.
“I always shy away from people and crowd because I was afraid of uncanny remarks.” He continued that, his strategy still didn’t prevent the few that saw him to pass the uncanny remarks he was so frightened of and that’s where he got all the confirmation he needed not to be alive.
“Some people called me bosom ba (a child of a deity). I got fed up and depressed, I wanted to die so that nobody will see me to pass such statements.”
” I went to the drug store to purchase a drug and went to a hideout to commit suicide but immediately I opened the drug, a man who has been monitoring me appeared and snatched the drug.”
“Upon seeing what drug it was, he encouraged me and made me see some worth in myself and stressed that God will punish me if I embark on my suicide mission.”
Don Little also revealed that his father died of galamsey hence, he had to beg to stay with somebody since her mother had already been separated from his father with his other siblings.He claims he hasn’t seen his mother and other siblings since their departure.
Asked whether he thinks God intentionally created him the way he is, he narrated: “I don’t really know but what I know is, when I was small, I recall my mother will cross a border with me and there was some sort of superstitious belief there which restricts mothers from crossing the border with infants but my mother crossed it with me regardless, I don’t know if that is the cause, my other siblings aren’t like me.”
Asked whether he has his own place now and how life has been ever since he came into the limelight, he answered. ” I live alone in a single room and porch apartment at Kasoa, the movies don’t pay and we are still managing from the little those who are kind enough give us.”
” The movie producers only call you when you are really established and famous but for us, they give us peanuts or nothing at all.”
“I don’t really blame them, the movies nowadays don’t get enough sales as it use to due to the emergence of the digital televisions. The foreign people make movies everyday and they reap their benefits, I don’t understand why it’s not so in Ghana.”
Asked whether Funny Face is his manager and if not, are his doors open for a manager? He said.
“Funny Face is a blessing to me, I used to hear his name a lot when I started my credit sales venture. I chased him for 3 years before I finally got his attention and it has been worth it. He encourage me.”
“My doors are open for a manager but not the one who will ask me whether I have eaten or not, I want the one who has links and can lobby for movie roles for me.” He concluded.


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