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No man wants a lazy, spoilt and aimless woman for a woman – Nana Kwame Buabeng writes

No man wants a lazy, spoilt and aimless woman for a wife - Nana Kwame Buabeng writes

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No man wants a lazy, spoilt and aimless woman for a woman – Nana Kwame Buabeng writes

Thinking about most of our ladies in this era makes my heart bleed,not that the men are faultless whatsoever but for Christ sake looking at the reason why God created women and how they are behaving now makes me wonder.

Women from my little knowledge of the Bible were created so as to be the helpers of men a mission that has been diversed by most women.I will therefore take my time to give women the power they have lost and try as much as I can to bring our wonderful damsels to their rightful places.

I know and really believe that women are very good in general — they are ten times caring than men,they are very sweet and cute and I guess God created them that way to please men.
There is this thing I feel like sharing with most women and that is,no man wants to marry a spoilt,aimless and lazy woman.
No man except for the man that’s equally aimless and lazy even with them they marry such women because no virtuous woman in her right senses will marry them.

Which brings me to the point where I say,no matter how spoilt,stupid and reckless a man maybe,he still prefers a good and a well organised woman for a wife.
We live in a century where everything is in the opposite,women were supposed to help men but now what do we see?
These women drain men of future and ambitions.
I am and will forever be against excessive spending in relationships,men hardly respect women who are so dependent on them.
Look around and you can testify to that fact,a woman who is independent,hardworking and ambitious is respected even by the monstrous of men.

A high deal of number of women who are housewives are treated like thrash by men because of the constant dependency of those women on their men.
Can you imagine having to ask a man to buy you everything including panties and sanitary pads?
If you are young and still with your parents,they boss you around and expect you to obey and adhere to every rule they impose on you not because of the mere fact that they are your parents but it’s because they take care of you completely,which means you depend on them completely for everything.
You start growing some wings when you begin to take some responsibilities by yourself and your parents also begins to show you a little respect and grant you some freedom.
That is how it works sweethearts,men are ever ready to give respect to you if you stand up and earn it..
Enough is Enough!
Put a stop to the total dependency on your boyfriends and husbands go out there and earn your self some respect.
Take some responsibilities for yourself and see how beautiful your relationship life will turn out…
Be in the purpose of God for your creation thus,helping your man by cutting off your constant demands that limits and slows his future.

Help your men if you really love them by being independent on yourself.A man who doesn’t respect an independent lady is naturally disrespectful.
Earn your self some dignity and freedom and stay independent.
Push hard and work hard,your man would have no option than to give you a say in decision making.
Help yourselves build a better tomorrow together and not a wasteful today.
Get up and grind ladies.

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