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No woman wants a poor man – Nana Kwame Buabeng writes

No woman wants a poor man - Nana Kwame Buabeng writes

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No woman wants a poor man – Nana Kwame Buabeng writes

Money they say makes the world go round,we are in a century where money commands so much respect,the root of joy in people’s affairs,the power of the world as I speak rests on money.
You call the shots when you are loaded with money,so dating a broke man in our days has become a worry for most young girls,I mean who doesn’t want to feel the slightest bit of power and the joy that comes with money?
Everyone does.
No lady wants a broke man as a lover but sometimes circumstances like your vision , ambitions , dreams and goals compels her that the future is bright.
Ladies are ladies,they are moved by luxuries no matter how well cultured that lady might be.
They want the new handbags,new hairstyles among a couple of other luxurious stuffs.
Get money and women wouldn’t be a problem but getting a woman before searching for money?
That mostly doesn’t end well.
Get the bone and naturally the dog will follow you,but getting the dog without a bone,the dog might bite.
Who doesn’t want to be at where the honey is dripping?
No matter how loyal a girl is to you,all it takes is one hairstyle from her friend that you can’t afford.
Women are easily persuaded and like I stated earlier,no matter how loyal your babe is to you,she always feel and wish you are rich so that you can get her those luxuries. They begin to rethink when they see their fellow women holding new phones,driving in ferrari and holding the newest handbags in town so my brother,if you are single now,it is a good start for you to build some cash and then see if the women won’t run over you.No woman is exempted from this though they do vary to some extents,I mean some can endure your brokenness for a while.
Women love to be spoilt,showered with gifts,taken to cool places and other comforting stuffs.
Never deceive yourself into thinking your girlfriend is okay with your broke ass.
She is there because there hasn’t been any opportunity with a rich guy.
Get some cash and keep your babe.
No offense to the ladies though I am only talking to my boys.
Small love,Small money.
Balance the equation.

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