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Not everyone who is dating is having sex – Nana Kwame Buabeng writes


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Not everyone who is dating is having sex – Nana Kwame Buabeng writes

The disease in the perceptions of the large populace of the 21st Century when it comes to dating,simply freaks me out…
We are in an era of the world when dating or being in a relationship with opposite sex simply means you are fornicating like the Christians will say.
The perception is sickening.
Dating doesn’t mean sex,it simply means two people of the opposite sex coming together in the bound of love.
What happens henceforth depends on their value and believe systems and you can’t tell me that we all have the same values and prioritisations.
Are prostitute dating all the men they sleep with in a day?
Nope! Because to them,sex is business before anything.
Those who engage in sexual activities in the dating process have their own belief systems which can be;they really show their love by having sex which I totally disagree but that’s someone’s belief system.
I am really not surprise over the perception cancer of people who think dating automatical means sex,the reason being that,those people are engaging in countless sexual activities with their partners therefore they are with the corrupt mindset that everybody is doing the exact things they are doing in their relationships.
It takes people with deep insight to be able to agree with the fact that,not everybody that’s dating is having sex.
To some people,dating is a learning process,an opportunity to properly study his or her partner before marriage or for other positive visions and goals.
To some,it’s a platform to explore the sexual fantasies which is very rampant in our days.
To some,it’s just the fun of being with the opposite sex among many other interesting reasons.
Everybody and their goal.
Henceforth,we should not label anyone with the tag that they are having sex just because they are together.
It’s absurd.

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