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Sarkodie is married to Tracy-forget the rumor rumor

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Sarkodie is married to Tracy-forget the rumor rumor

Kingsblog.Net the Juiciest Online Portal finds it hard to believe that Ghana and Africa’s Rap God Sarkodie isn’t married to Tracy Sarkcess after all these years the two have been together. Their union has even brought forth a young adorable baby girl.

We believe that Sarkodie is married to Tracy Sarkcess but the whole procedure and ceremony was under immense secrecy.
The family of Tracy is not perturbed, Tracy is not complaining and we all know Sarkodie has the cash to marry hundred wives hence it surprises Kingsblog.Net the Juiciest Online Portal that if truly Tracy isn’t married to Sarkodie there would have been some misunderstandings, complains and several family issues.

In Ghana, marriage is a big deal but if you impregnate a lady you aren’t married to as a man, the heat that burns on you from the lady’s family is only synonymous to the hell fire. You would either be forced to marry the woman or compensate her and the family and still take the responsibility of a father before and after birth.

When fans and some Media folks knocked and threw pressure at the doors of Sarkodie asking questions as to when he would marry the Queen of Sarknation sometime ago, Sarkodie’s mother intervened assuring Ghanaians that she would ensure that everything is done rightly between the two.
And Kingsblog.Net The Juiciest Online Portal strongly believes that everything has been done rightly between the two. For all we know,  Sarkodie and Tracy lives in the same mansion together with their daughter. Believe you me, except Tracy’s family doesn’t care which I believe they really do, and Tracy is okay being just a baby mama to a man she has contributed immensely to his Sarkcess which I really believe Tracy knows she deserves more and Sarkodie is as responsible as we all know him to be .

Then Kingsblog.Net the Juiciest Online Portal can boldly say that the two are married except they say otherwise.

Not every celebrity love to publicize their marriages and stuffs.  Some try to steal enough privacy amidst all the public eyes in their affairs. We honestly would love to know for a fact because this is just an assumption and a well calculated insinuation. It would somehow motivate young men to marry instead of just devouring panties all over the place. It would inspire a young lady that truly, sticking to one man of great potential and helping both of you grow together pays off.

Even though Sarkodie doesn’t owe us any announcement of his wedding or marriage because it’s his life aside his music that we love, I thought it would be great if he told us the truth.

He tries all the time to draw a line between his music and life — and he’s damn good at it .

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