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Sarkodie Pleads With His Fans To Help Him Support “Stranger”

Sarkodie Pleads With His Fans To Help Him Support "Stranger"

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Sarkodie Pleads With His Fans To Help Him Support “Stranger”

Rapper Sarkodie pleaded for support on his facebook page from followers and fans to aid him support Stranger.

He stated that he has been living with this guy called Michael Antwi alias Stranger and in his quest to aid him become more fruitful, productive and fulfilled he asked him what he intends to do.

Sarkodie explained that he was astonished when “Stranger” actually declared his passion to do music therefore pleads with all his fans and followers to help push an upcoming music brand.

He wrote;

“So I have been living with this guy called Michael Antwi aka “Stranger” for about a year now and I recently asked what he wants to do so I support… and he said Music 🎶
He said he used to perform my music way back in his home town and he developed the love for music and now he’s living with me in the same house … But he still have the dream of becoming a great musician

I just listened to a demo he recorded… The song is alright … He did a lil singing and some rap … I clearly see he’s not looking to battle no one lol but I still feel he’s got something
Wasn’t expecting that answer when I asked what he wanted to do … I thought I was gonna hear the usual. But he’s insisting on pursuing his music career
So guys I would wanna support “Stranger’s ” dream … But best I can do is try my best to put some of his stuff out there for y’all and hopefully y’all support a brother … Up to him to win your hearts but I hope y’all will help him achieve his dream.”

Follow the link to watch video –¬†https://web.facebook.com/sarkodie.obidiponbidi/videos/10157449776595760/

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