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Shatta Wale is richer than Asamoah Gyan? This will shock you.

Shatta Wale is richer than Asamoah Gyan? This will shock you - Kingsblog

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Shatta Wale is richer than Asamoah Gyan? This will shock you.

The competition for cash supremacy between footballers and Musicians isn’t dying soon. In Ghana, there’s no debate on who earns more when it comes to sportsmanship Asamoah Gyan reigns but it’s quite complicated  with Musicians, as most of their monetary dealings is a cat in the bag. Very secretive.

However, we decided to take a hunch from recent happenings and interviews various musicians have granted media outlets about money and guess the name that pops up anytime — Shatta Wale.

We know that many people will raise eyebrows but guess what, relax and enjoy the flow.

Is Shatta Wale richer than Asamoah Gyan?

Let’s analyze , lot of people have chastised Shatta Wale for being too boastful about his wealth but that guy doesn’t boast he speaks the truth. If he says he has, he actually has. That’s not boasting.

Shatta Wale is no doubt one of most highly paid performers in the country, he charges as high as $60K dollars per show and he’s basically on every show. He has to his luxury a $1million mansion and possess enormous fleet of cars. The CEO and Organizer of the Shatta Movement doubles as a brand ambassador for Guinness Ghana Breweries and Rush Energy drink. With undisclosed amounts. It’s rumored that Shatta Wale possess a private jet. From his work as a musician, producer, CEO and brand ambassador, the self acclaim dancehall King is said to have a cumulative worth of around $6.2 million as of 2017. In November last year, Shatta Wale revealed that he’s likely to be worth $10 million..

However, Asamoah Gyan, following his initiation with UAE side Al-Ain , Gyan’s contract enabled him to make as much as $250K just a week which propelled him to be among the top ten highest footballers in the whole world at the time sharing a place with Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. Aside his constant weekly wages , Gyan enjoyed winning bonuses as well as appearance fees which further boost his earnings. He was with Al Ain for 4 years , so you can make the calculation.

He moved to Shanghai SIPG where he was making £227K . Make your judgements in the comment box

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