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The Third Person – Chapter One


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The Third Person – Chapter One

Akua held up her small mirror from all angles to enable her see her growing hair . She graduated from senior high school two months ago and could not wait to see her hair grow long and beautiful. You know that girly thing. Her hair was growing faster and beautiful than she expected she finally convinced herself with that relieving thought . She went to the window to tie the curtains and she could not believe what her eyes saw, the “area guy” she despised so much was passing by (The boy hasn’t offended her in anyway smh). He is not friendly at all (How can a person even think like that, you don’t even know the guy) and she hates it the most when he put on his headphone (Hmmm), she moved to the door to have a clear view of this young man. Even though she despise him, she kept on looking at him from her window every now and then whenever he comes to pass by. This spy continued for about a month, Akua now comes to stand in front of her house just to see the boy. She gets angry if the boy doesn’t show up. One month later ,Akua had a job nearby and was so happy because it’s her first time working .Even with her busy schedule , she still keeps an eye on him just to insult him in her head (just like that) so it happened that one day, Akua was walking home after a long day at work when she saw the guy and his friends sitting at the park. She was happy to see him but hate the fact that the boy will not call her so she decided to pass by with her head down when a man standing behind a saloon car called her. She thought the man was going to propose to her (Ghana girls and their thinking) so she decided to go away but the man approached her. “Can I share the word of God with you”. The man asked. Yes! why not she said whiles looking at the direction of the boy. The man shared the word of God with her and since she has not gone to church ever since she graduated, she agreed to visit the man’s church. She left after talking to the man whiles looking back to check whether the boy at least will gift her with a glance. It was time for Church Akua was dressing up to mark the occasion when her grandmother teased her if she has finally agreed to go to church. She smiled, said yes and took of . At the church auditorium , Akua went to sit at a corner closer to the windows. It was a perfect hideout for freshers and new members who are somewhat isolative. The pastor asked the congregation to go around and shake hands with each other and welcome new members, Akua had the shock of her life when she turned to shake hands with the person behind her. Her eyes opened wide, her heart skipped a beat and her blood froze. Guess what?
Written By : Maryland Nana Akua Boadi
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