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This Is How Kwesi Arthur Prophesied His BET Nomination In A Song

Kwesi Arthur Prophesied His BET Nomination In A Song

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This Is How Kwesi Arthur Prophesied His BET Nomination In A Song

I believe you have heard the Bible Verse that states that life and death are in the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof?

Your guess is as good as mine, Proverbs 18:21. Kwesi Arthur is the current benefactor of this truth.

His recent Black Entertainment (BET) Awards nomination for the Best New International Act is a clear indication that Kwesi Arthur is an embodiment of optimism, positivity, creativity, and hard work. As well as faith.

My focus here is, Kwesi Arthur confirmed the truth of the scripture I mentioned earlier in his tune 8 PM in Tema. A song he released last year.

In the song, he was recorded making several affirmations about his life and as far as I can tell they are coming to pass. Don’t forget his recent win at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards this year, where his Grind Day Remix won the Hip Hop song of year.

Listen to him carefully.

Lyrics of Kwesi Arthur’s 8 PM in Tema.

Verses of harmony dem for play this for church.
I told them mey3 dihye3 ba buh nobody see ma worth.
They think I don’t deserve it buh I no come to impress. Had to work work night and days for this to work.
Be like they no wan’ understand me.
Mebaa to win souls what’s a Grammy.
They thought I will never get ahead until they got behind me.
Masa I no dey want your beef if u can’t feed ma family.
Trying to turn rags to riches.
wei y3 asikyire nsuo ne tea bread flow, foreign pretentious.
Two cedis and a dream, fools you’re a dim…
Eyi fo) no ny3 me portion but damn me mey3 gee.
Told Abil we go win, wode tw3n bro.
Mekae nyama wode y33ya m’ani taa nsuo,
atirimuoden)b)) nyinaa y3b3y3 tenfold.
Y3b3 ne wo all the places where they can’t go.
Stupid boys!!! From the streets here in
Tema wiase nyinaa ra go hear ma voice.
Wonka nyansas3m meser3 wo 3nha me with stupid noise.
Had to tell this full stop, that be when they get the point.
If you cross the line mede Nyame gyaw you’ve made your choice.
I keep ma poise.
Never give them the cold shoulder.
Pray for enemies borla car wey go run them over.
Mek’as3 m3y3 the hottest on the planet no mo agye andi.
Marki wei nso next year we go pull up in a rover.
It’s over, no more pretending, no more pretending.
How you go cross over all the bridges we burning.
Mene mango dwea tes3 Charles Amoah ne ne perming.
Nea mofr3 no loss no me me fr3 no learning.
Face in palms reality be hard to face.
And, raising ma arms book of Psalms keep the faith.
And menhia more verification to keep me safe.
This go be the introduction if Yehowa makes a tape…

None of you be safe feeding on rappers merhn I’m getting outta shape.

Ghetto hero I for get myself a cape s3 mewu ah mo mbo nnwom wei for my wake. Fuck this nigga they wanna get involved.

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