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Top Facts That Makes Sarkodie The Best Rapper In Africa

Sarkodie The Best Rapper In Africa

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Top Facts That Makes Sarkodie The Best Rapper In Africa

I’m telling you. Sarkodie is the Best Rapper In Africa. For a simple reason — he has crossed borders even though he doesn’t rap in the English language most often. With his mother tongue (Twi), King Sark has been able to distinguish himself as the Best Rapper In Africa. Many consumers of Sarkodie’s music Worldwide confess that, though they don’t understand Sarkodie’s lyrics most times, his style, tenacity and delivery is what got them stuck to the rap god. Well, you can name other rappers like M.anifest, M.I, Cassper Nyovest, Ice Prince, AKA etc. But hold on!! Let’s get to the reason why no African Rapper can be compared to Sarkodie. Here Are Some Facts That Makes Sarkodie The King And God Of African Rap Music.

– The Language Barrier

Language is an important tool in culture. Sarkodie doesn’t throw his language away for acceptance like most of the African rappers I mentioned earlier. They all rap in English in most of their songs which obviously gives them the upper hand but some how some way Sarkodie is always beating them. You can’t convince me you are the best rapper in Africa when you don’t even have dominance of your own African language. Sarkodie has won many hearts Worldwide rapping in his local dialects 80 – 90 percent of the time. I personally believe that Sarkodie will be rocking shoulders with Jay Z, Kendrick, Eminem and the likes if he was an American. Trust me! If the world understood what he says in his music they would fall in love with something more than his delivery, style and tenacity of his rap.

The Most Awarded Rapper In Africa

Sarkodie has over 80 awards in his catalogue making him the most awarded African Rapper. Now tell me why that’s possible, the answer is simple, he’s the best at what he does on the African soil. Tell your favorite Africa Rapper to respect himself and focus on achieving more than Sarkodie before he goes around blowing his own horn. King Sark is a King for a reason. He dominates the African soil when it comes to rap and the records are obvious. He is the deal.

– The Most Richest Rapper In Africa

 This is arguable depending on who you ask but the facts are here for you to find out. If you are having doubts of any kind as to whether or not Sarkodie is indeed the richest rapper in Africa click here

 Sarkodie deserves every ounce of respect he’s receiving from the continent and the world at large. He has been endorsed by many top African musicians and even fellow rappers as the best. I honestly can’t fathom why anyone can even dream as being better than him on this African soil. I don’t even understand why anyone would put anywhere beneath first on a rap list. Salute!
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