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The church used to be a place where people find peace of mind, comfort when in trouble, a place where people feel welcomed, no matter who or what they are and above all, a place of worship of our creator as Christians. But now churches has a new turn from the Original of how it use to be.
The current church has been turn into a business center where self-acclaimed men of God sell ‘holy stickers’, ‘holy water’, ‘holy oil’ and even paying of consultation fees before meeting them (self-acclaimed men of God).
Surprisingly, apart from tithe and first fruit offering, some men of God have scriptures backing them to extort money from their church members.
I sometimes wonder if God sold their gift to them as of how they sell things in church, well,that’s between them and God.
Currently, people have faith in their pastor’s stickers, holy water, holy oil etc. than they have in the Holy Bible and God. Pastors living luxurious life whiles most of their church members they extort money continuously drown in poverty. That’s how amazing our churches have now turn into . Funny enough, some pastors should have been marketers or promoters since they spend hours on television and radio talking about how powerful they are and even go to the extent of defaming other rivalry pastors,guess that has much importance than preaching the word of God.
Recently people go to church just to show off their style and their fashion sense, more like church is now a fashion runway and members are models. It would interest you to know in most churches dresses and hair styles have become a competition among church members and even pastors. People laugh at others because they repeated an outfit for church twice or more, well they forget all fingers are not equal and this attitude is mostly common among the youth. Selfies and wefies are currently much important than what the pastors actually preached about in church that’s if the even get enough time to preach since miracle is the order of the day.
Let’s make our churches a better place for all of us not the other way round.

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