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Valentine’s Day Special: 5 Important Lessons We Can Learn From Sarkodie And Tracy To Strengthen Our Relationships

Sarkodie And Tracy

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Valentine’s Day Special: 5 Important Lessons We Can Learn From Sarkodie And Tracy To Strengthen Our Relationships

Once again the Valentine’s Day is here, the day we celebrate Love. A day that we take a step back and reflect our love lives and appreciate our loved ones.

Kingsblog.Net is adding a spice to this Val’s Day celebration by giving out 5 Important Lessons all of us can learn from Sarkodie and his wife Tracy.

Sarkodie and Tracy appears as a very compatible couple or what most of us like to term as ‘Soulmates’ and this achievement in their relationship didn’t just happen, it took some of these lessons we are about learn.

Let’s Proceed;

sarkodie and tracy


Support has been a very vital element in Sarkodie and Tracy’s relationship. Most of us are aware of how Tracy supported and helped Sarkodie to this level of his music career. Most young folks are becoming more and more less supportive of their spouses and partners, they are gradually turning into opportunists, materialistic and very selfish individuals.

Tracy met a struggling Sarkodie and noticed his talents, dreams and ambitions. Even though Sarkodie was struggling Tracy supported him. Learn to support your partner and this doesn’t only goes for the women it goes for the men too. Instead of having sex, going to a romantic dinner, watching a movie together and all those romantic vibes which all very important consider talking to your partner and ask them how you can support their goals and dreams.


Imagine having to wait to be married when you’ve been part of your partners success story. Imagine staying with a partner for ten years and still not married. Imagine! Tracy is one of the most respected celebrity wives in the country for a reason.

She exercised a great deal of patience. She waited for so long to be married but the difference was she was waiting for something inevitable, don’t be in an abusive relationship and be patience. Run for your life. Be patience with that ambitious and very caring young lady or gentleman. So far as you are both supporting each other’s dreams genuinely, have patience with each other. Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Respect is a very important tool in every relationship. Couples who respect each other honor themselves. We should also remember that respect is reciprocal. Don’t treat your partner as thrash and expect them to threat you as a King or Queen. We see an exchange of massive respect between Sarkodie and Tracy all the time. If you really respect your partner, there are things you won’t do to them. Sarkodie hardly engages with all these sumptuous women in most of his music videos. He has honored, praised and appreciated his wife in most of his songs.

There are couples who hardly even compliment each other not to talk of appreciation and respect. We all deserve respect but the important thing is the respect we give ourselves.


Your partner is coming from a totally different background compared to you hence understanding becomes very vital in your relationship.

You’ve to understand his or her temperament and personality, what makes them angry, frustrated, sad, happy, their interests and even to a higher extent their business. Work on your relationship or your relationship will stop working.

Misunderstandings would still happen no matter how you both understand yourselves but taking your time to understand your partner will definitely reduce the conflicts.

Even Sarkodie and Tracy have their own share of misunderstandings but we believe they come to terms and settle their differences by years of knowing each other.


Unity is strength. Be united in decision making. Don’t do things contrary to what you two agreed on, it only sparks conflict and division.You must communicate about almost everything because it develops trust and trust brings unity and bond.

A United couple is a strong couple. Have fun and tread carefully!

Enjoy your day!

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