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We Don’t Like Small Pen*s – Ghana Women Cry Out

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We Don’t Like Small Pen*s – Ghana Women Cry Out

Comments under filmmaker and actor Kobi Rana’s post on Instagram revealed that most Ghanaian women despised smaller penis.

The harmless post by the actor asked for the opinions of women on a very s3xually related issue.

The Filmmaker who has been rumored to be gay on several occasions amidst other infamous s3xually related accusations posted;

Problem Of The Week: If your boyfriend is a macho man. Your Crush. And you finally get to the bedroom and his distin is smaller than your clit, what will you do?

The post attracted a lot of engagements from women who judging from remarks aren’t interested and don’t want anything at all to do with smaller p*nis.

However, they were very few women who shared opposing views with an argument that love supersedes all things.

Kingsblog.Net, as usual, was there to capture a few these remarks. Enjoy.


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