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This question was debated on by a friend and I,Should a woman contribute financially in a relationship?
My view on this issue is a simple yes!
By the fact that women are busily fighting for equality with men, this issue should stand as a test drive.
It’s obvious that in our era some ladies are playing the roles of men which is being the breadwinners of the family and to the long extent providing for their boyfriends.
Elsie my friend is against the motion just by the mere reason that men are ungrateful, according to her story,she has taken care of men but they turn ungrateful after the hell she goes through to support their financial needs.
Probably Elsie was doing her best supporting the men financially but relationship sustainability goes beyond money,it takes a lot of work and commitment.
This experience has made my friend “hard hearted” and she has grown some despise for men that I am even scared of.
The truth is,men are created superior to women which doesn’t mean you should let any man treat you as garbage, all it means is,naturally, men like to be in control.
Men feel frustrated when they aren’t in control of affairs especially when it comes to monetary matters therefore most men wouldn’t be happy with a lady on top of him providing all or most of his financially needs in a relationship, except those men who are frauds and opportunist that are only into you because of the cash.
Women should support men financially but should be gentle and careful about it since it could bruise the egos of most men.
With my earlier statement of the fraudulent and opportunistic nature of some men I retrieve it by saying it is not so different with women also, henceforth care must be taken in order to prevent people from taking advantage of us.
Though I think women should try as much as possible to support their men financially, it is important they know when and most especially how to present financial support to men in order not to bruise the manly ego as I started earlier.
Some relationships are so open that the couple share almost everything together and have a level of high understanding therefore making the support of each other very easy in a way.
I am against women who settle as housewives because they can’t contribute much financially to their husband’s,in general I hate lazy girls so you can imagine.
It’s called a relationship which means a mutual beneficial union therefore the moment two people from the opposite sex agrees to get intimate with each other,there should be a positive contribution from both end to support each others development financially, emotionally,physically and more.
So if one of you is lazy the weight of responsibility is balanced on the other therefore making life difficult for the relationship.
Financial burden shouldn’t solely be the responsibility of men you can support, after all what men can do,women can do better.

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